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Olive: It’s Self Defeating Of The Government To Arrest Anti-Covid 19 Vaxxers

The Fatboy Show hosts James Onen aka Fatboy, and Olive Najjuma said it is counterproductive of the government to arrest anti-Covid 19 advocates because the public knows the truth about the vaccines.

Their comments came after armed security personnel raided the offices of former Presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleeta alleging that he was misinforming the public about Covid 19 vaccination of children in schools.

Fatboy said vaccine manufacturers agree that the vaccines are not as effective as they claimed at the beginning and are now also advocating for booster shots.

Olive, in a similar argument, added, “it is self-defeating to attempt to arrest Kabuleeta because of what he said when the information is available all over. We are seeing it in the news. We are following it on social media, it's everywhere, and you can't hide it.”

Mr. Kabuleeta, also the leader of the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED), on Tuesday organized a press conference publicizing the condition of a 14-year-old boy who got multiple organ failures after receiving a covid 19 jab that might have instigated the armed search for him.

Fatboy supported the action saying that because of the briefing, the Ministry of Health responded to the incident.

“If you ask me, I think he did a very wonderful service because it was through that event that the issue was highlighted and brought to the attention of the Ministry and its action to investigate it."

"He was participating in public dialogue by airing out these concerns, and how can that be a bad thing?” Fatboy queried.

He asserted that such government attempts arouse public curiosity about the vaccination Mr. Kabuleeta was trying to bring to their attention.

“I think that the government should instead hold broader dialogue, "he advised.

"We have mentioned this from 2020. The government keeps everyone locked out of the conversations and only involves an insular group of technocrats and advisers who decide these policies among themselves and dictate to the government what it should do without the input of other stakeholders. And because of that, they end up making a lot of mistakes,” Fatboy added.

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