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Olive: It's Okay For Lovers To Keep Their Relationship Off Social Media

In a generation where social media harbors people’s good and bad memories, some may find it fit to post their partners perhaps to inform the public about their significant others.

However, most have not embraced the concept of posting lovers on social media for privacy, and to avoid the embarrassment that may arise after a breakup, or because they are simply dating multiple partners.

Today on the Fatboy Show, presenter Olive Najjuma reasoned that a couple/ person keeps their relationship private but not secretive if they are letting the people who matter know.

“One may not announce their boyfriend/ girlfriend as long as the people around them are aware of the relationship, for instance, your family and friends. But if it is secretive, then it is shady.”

However, she opined that if it is a monogamous marriage and one of the partners does not want to publicize their relationship without any concrete reasons such as strict job policies, then the person might be hiding something.

“If the person does not want their family and friends to know then that person is shady. If we are not posting pictures together and are going on events together or meeting up your family, then that's okay because the people who matter to you know that you're in a relationship,” she said.

Patrick Kavuma, a participant in the show said that sometimes people do not post about their partners or prefer keeping their relationships private because of fear of criticism or embarrassment.

“The fear of the unknown is such a treasure for many and some people have been hurt for opening up about their status. So they decide to keep it a secret until they have made it official and gained enough courage to post their partners,” he said.

But the presenters also agreed that a relationship may not survive in the midst of public scrutiny, especially in its early stages due to public opinion.

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