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Olive: It’s Better To Date Around Before Settling Down

In a quest to find love, many people find themselves in and out of relationships whereas others limit themselves to a given number in a bid to make things work.

Discussing relationships today, Fatboy and Olive wondered whether it was necessary to date multiple people before settling down.

According to Olive Najjuma, sometimes people have to explore their options before settling with one person.

She said, “some people get it right from the beginning. They meet one person and it works out. But in the event that it doesn’t, why should you just settle with someone because they are the ones available even if they don’t tick the necessary boxes? Maybe dating more people is better.”

However, James Onen, the co-presenter perceived that dating multiple people before settling with one lies in the notion that the person to settle with should be perfect.

“The culture of wanting to date several people till you find the perfect one is premised on the notion that the person is supposed to be perfect. So instead of working on yourself to become a better person and have the mental fortitude to stand the challenges of a relationship, you treat relationships as disposable because there’s always a replacement to be found,” he argued.

He continued, “sometimes people end up taking 10 - 30 years trying to find the right person and never do. “Go to Kisementi today, the bars are filled with old and middle-aged men. Go to gardens in Najjera, you’ll see people in their 40’s looking for love.”

“Perhaps they are there to have a good time”, Olive said. Adding, “sometimes you date and things don't work out and then you break up. I believe that before embarking on another relationship, you take out learning points from the previous one. You take out things you won’t repeat or stand the next time and that's the importance of dating multiple people.”

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