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Olive: Is Mao's Plan Of Nationwide Protests For The People Or For His Own Redemption?

The Democratic Party yesterday announced that it is to organize massive protests over the increasing commodity prices, saying that if the government doesn't take action, it will become necessary to rally nationwide protests.

The party leader Nobert Mao noted that the escalating prices show that the government has failed to stabilize Uganda’s economy and now inflation is at 4.9 percent. He went on to advise the government on fuel even though the President in his Sunday speech said that doing that would collapse the country’s economy.

Olive Najjuma, opined that the protests won't take root and might not happen because the Police is always ready to end them before they even begin.

Olive further asked, “do you think protests are what we need now? when I look at what Mao is saying and what Besigye has been doing, I get a feeling that Mao wants to redeem himself of the recent attacks by the opposition on him and that he attends more NRM events than those organized by the opposition.”

She continued, “Of course you know of his back and forth tweets with NUP a couple of months ago. For him to say that he’s going to organize massive nationwide protests, I wonder, is he doing this for Ugandans or is it for selfish reasons."

She reasoned that Dr. Besigye’s People’s Front for Transition (PFT) is already calling for protests and instead of Mao’s camp joining Besigye's as a joint effort in fighting for the same cause, they are deciding to stage their own.

Olive wondered that if DP is indeed speaking the same language as that of PFT, why is it that they are not combining efforts?

In his response, Fatboy acknowledged the difficulty to understand the motive of politicians. Do they want to stage protests for the common man or for them to gain recognition?

However, they are still damned by choosing to protest because the public will always find something to complain about.

Olive argued that, “ When Mao speaks, most people will misunderstand him even if he means good because of what we have seen him do in the past couple of months. Trolling opposition. It doesn't matter whether or not they disagree, they still are the opposition and Museveni gets an edge over them for doing this.They are constantly engaged in cat fights as Museveni watches and of course the tweeting General is watching,”

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