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Olive: In Many Homes, Women Are Contributing An Equal Share Of The Home’s Finances

A heated debate concerning the roles men and women should play in a home enveloped the conversation during today’s The Fatboy Show.

It stemmed from whether house helpers should be restricted from cleaning places such as the main bedroom or washing the inner clothes of their bosses.

According to Olive Najjuma, the show presenter, washing is a basic skill that both partners must bear and use regardless of their contribution to a home.

James Onen aka Fatboy, the co-presenter of the show then wondered why a married man would have to wash his underwear when he has a wife. Olive replied that if he isn't lame, he should.

Fatboy responded, “So should that become the excuse we use when the mortgage bill comes in? Should I ask; dear wife are you lame? Why don't you pay? My wife would say, ‘you're the man of the house, please pay the mortgage’.”

But Olive maintained that nowadays, men and women collectively pay such bills. “In today's homes, even if men won't admit it, women play a part in the finances of the home. So you can't say that you're the only one paying the mortgage bill unless your wife is a stay-at-home mum.”

Fatboy contended the argument and further quoted Colin Asiimwe, the former multichoice's Head of Marketing who warned fellow men in a tweet that said, “Husbands be careful out there. Wives out here are building secret houses and buying secret plots of land under the advice of ‘you can't depend on men’. So while it's true that women are working, their income is being directed towards their own personal savings and investments and they typically leave the man to cover most of the bills.”

In addition, Fatboy argued that a working wife will occasionally use part of her earnings to buy some home groceries while the husband will pay hefty bills such as school fees, medical, travel, rent, and construction bills.

Olive continued to disagree. "In many homes, women are bringing an equal share of finances, but because that won't make husbands feel like they are men enough, they tell their peers that their wives are contributing nothing,” said Olive.

She continued that most women construct secret buildings because their husbands aren't financially transparent because sometimes the money gets spent on side chics, and wives also formulate a fallback plan.

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