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Olive: If A Man Asks Me Out On A Date, He Is Footing The Bill

In the wake of feminism and equality for both genders, sharing bills is one of the thorny issues causing debates.

Much as the majority, especially the men, concur with bill sharing, one wonders who should be in charge of footing the first date bill.

Olive Najjuma, The Fatboy Show presenter, opined that one who invited the other on the date should foot the bill.

“If you ask me out for a first date, you pay for that date. It is like going for a job interview, the employer is trying to see if you fit the job description. Therefore, by asking me for a date, you are trying to know me, and because you invited me, you pay,” she said.

James Onen, the co-presenter, asked Olive if the feminist side of her doesn't believe in equality which includes sharing responsibilities, including bills.

“No, the feminist in me believes that if I suggest the date, then I should pay for it,” she said.

Based on his experience, Fatboy posited that even when invited on a date, he usually pays half or an entire bill. “I have never gone on a date where the woman foots the whole bill. That is very rare,” he said.

Agatha, the participant on the show, said that as a beautiful woman, the man who invites her should pay the bill.

“Ideally, the guys should pay because they are the ones who want to meet in most cases. You have come with your crush, wanting to vibe me, then expect me to pay for listening to you wooing me,” she said.

She added that sometimes it depends on the relationship between the two. If two people have known each other for some time, that is a different scenario from the first time meeting.

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