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Olive: I Would Not Marry From The Muslim Community

Would you Marry someone of a different faith? The question preoccupied the conversation on interfaith marriages between The Fatboy Show hosts James Onen widely known as Fatboy and Olive Najjuma, who said that she would marry from any denomination of the Christian faith but not Islam.

“It's not because there's something wrong with them, it's just that I don't understand the religion itself. It's like a shift from what I know. I could be Pentecostal but then there's a Catholic or an Anglican and we have some similarities. But when it comes to Islam, I don't know anything about it apart from the usual of Prophet Muhammad,” she said.

According to Olive even if she met a man that she really liked and the two got along well, she might not marry him because it would mean a lifestyle shift that she wouldn't be comfortable with.

But James opined that Muslim men are more family-oriented and believe in allowing a woman to have the material pleasure than Christian men who will more likely build a family on a partnership basis of contributing funds for raising the family.

He went on that even when a man marries a Muslim woman, he notices that she is more feminine in performing her roles as a mother of the home than the Christian women who are now about being independent

However Olive argued that femininity isn't a religious character but family raising because there are also Christians who are family-oriented and could be as equally feminine as their Muslim counterparts.

“I think it's not about religion really because if you meet a girl from a nice grounded catholic family, she will be as feminine as a Muslim girl. I think it's all about the home where this woman was raised from, and what values they instilled in her. It has nothing to do with religion. My opinion,” she explained.

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