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Olive: I Wish Meta Could Work On The Deleted Messages On Whatsapp

On Monday, many users of the popular messaging Whatsapp application were overwhelmed with joy after the app introduced new features to it such as members having to leave a group unnoticed.

In a post that circulated on social media, Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of the Meta-owned app revealed that new Whatsapp privacy features will start functioning this month.

With the new features, one will leave the group, but only admins receive the notifications. Users will have to decide who sees them online and will have the ability to disable screenshots for View Once messages.

The Fatboy Show presenters Olive Najjuma and James Onen aka Fatboy were pleased about the development, sighing a breath of relief from having to keep in undesired Whatsapp groups just to avoid appearing mean to the rest of the people in the group.

James Onen was happy about the new features of Whatsapp saying it will reduce the reception of unnecessary notifications and false expectations.

“Nothing hurts more than rushing to your phone because you’ve heard a notification thinking your sweetheart has replied to your message only to find another group notification,” he said.

Olive wished Whatsapp added the feature enabling users to delete the messages without notifying the receiver.

“I wish Facebook could also work on the deleted text notifications so that if I send a message and I delete it, a person won't have the suspicion of what and why I decided to delete,” Olive said.

Fatboy added that sometimes a person may think that the deleted messages are about the other person expressing their feelings yet sometimes it could be a typing error that prompted them to delete it.

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