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Olive: I Left My Parents' Home At 25

While discussing the right age one is expected to move out of the parent's home, Olive Najjuma revealed that she decided to move out at 25.

“I stayed with my brother until I graduated, and shortly after graduation, I got my first job. I left home at 25,” said Olive while responding to a question posed by her co-host James Onen about when she left her parent’s home.

Amazed, Onen, commonly known as Fatboy, confessed that he hadn’t left his parent's house at that age.

With the high unemployment rates today, he reasoned that sending out young adults to fend for themselves is a huge challenge for them.

Olive also said that many people finish school while they are young. Therefore, asking them to leave before they can take care of themselves is unfair.

“Even if parents don't mean to push their children out of their homes, they should set a time limit for children to get jobs. But if they start working and want to stay for another year to settle in well, they must pick a bill to pay,” she said.

Winnie, a caller, posited that there should be no age attached to when someone should leave their parent’s home.

“I think someone should leave home at the age when they know they can fend for themselves. From where I come from, we left home with starter rent from our dad for the first three months. So you can plan for your money for the following months. And even after moving out, he encourages us to return if things go south,” she said.

Now living independently for two years, Winnie said the best experience she has had moving out is learning how to be responsible with herself and the fact that she makes the rules for herself.

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