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Olive: I Have No Problem with Gay People

Olive Najjuma has said that she is okay with gay people but hates that most try to force their ideologies on other people.

“I don't have a problem with people being gay, but I have an issue with them trying to change us. They come into a country with its traditions and culture, and try to force its people to adopt their culture,” said Olive.

She was seconding Kenya’s move to continue the restriction, access, and distribution of LGBTQ+ content and same-sex relationships in the country.

Speaking about LGBTQ+ rights in Kenya, CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour and President William Ruto maintained that homosexuality is outlawed in Kenya because it goes against the country’s customs and traditions.

Olive said that she agrees with President William Ruto and Museveni’s stance against gay rights in the East African countries. Olive said that although she is against punishments like death sentences imposed on gay people, others shouldn’t be forced to accept or adopt their culture.

Additionally, Fatboy regarded it sad that the LGBTQ+ society does not respect other cultures, especially in Africa. He cited the content in all media such as movies, television shows including child programs.

Olive detested the trans community saying they masquerade as members of another sex, yet in reality, can never understand what it means to be of a gender they weren’t born in.

“If you are attracted to fellow men or women, that is fine. My problem is you trying to change your body or dressing because you want to prove a point. As much as I may want to be a man, I will never know what it feels like being one,” she insisted.

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