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Olive: I Don't Support My Daughters Marrying Broke Men

Most times, partners considering the possibility of marriage take the extra mile of visiting their significant other's parents, for approval and blessings.

But what if one side of the parents disapproves of the relationship? On The Fatboy Show today, when traversing the same question, Olive Najjuma, host of the show, said that if her parents rejected her partner, their reasons would inform her final decision.

She admitted that if their argument is that he is broke, she might consider the argument because as a mother, she also doesn't support the concept of her daughters marrying broke men.

“As a mum of daughters, I wouldn't support my child getting married to a broke guy. I would rather want to have an audience with him and find out how old he is. If he is 25, I would advise him and my daughter to give each other time and try to work, see what happens in their careers for the next two to three years, and then we can talk about marriage again,” she said.

Whereas some people may honor their parent's advice, others may be rebellious. James Onen, commonly known as Fatboy, wondered whether, in rebellion, the parents eventually approve of their daughter or son-in-law.

Olive opined that sometimes they may or may not, especially when the partners come from two alternate religious backgrounds.

“For instance, if it's a staunch catholic family and you brought a Muslim guy home, some families can even ex-communicate you, and when they do, you are on your own. But the thing about marriage is at some point you will need your family, and if they don't like the person, then you're going to be lonely because marriage gets lonely at some point,” she said.

“So, maybe before you go against your parent’s wishes, try to talk to them and see if they can come around instead of doing according to your will,” she added.

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