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Olive: I Can’t Date A Man With Local Behaviour

When it comes to dating, both men and women are sometimes hindered from making the best out of it by their insecurities. For some women, these relate to beauty and social class, while for most men, it is related to their financial and social status.

But how can these insecurities hinder a person from finding a lover? Traversing the topic, presenters Olive and Fatboy recognized that low self-esteem makes people settle for partners available rather than those of their choosing because of their insecurities.

Regardless, Fatboy revealed that he is not one to restrict himself to the class, stature, or career of a woman when it comes to dating partners.

“ For me, even if you're a simple lady living in Nateete and your name is Navuga, I can still date you. Don’t feel shy, you don’t have to be living in Kololo, Ntinda, or Kira for me to want to date you,” he said in response to his co-host Olive Najjuma when she said that women may hesitate to date Fatboy because of his intellect and celebrity status.

Alternatively, Olive exhibited different views about dating and opposed the idea of dating local men.

“I will be honest, I’m not going to date a guy from Katwe or Bwaise, it's not happening,” She said.

Fatboy considered her unfair, arguing that there could be wonderful men in such areas that would take good care of her. He reminded her about her observations formerly, as a banker, how the least appealing men would have more cash in their bank accounts compared to the nice-looking men in lavish suits.

She retorted that much as financial status is an attraction to her, it isn’t the sole factor in considering a partner. “Yes this guy from Katwe will have 100 million on his account, but when he’s the kind of man who eats and you can see what he is eating like he’s so uncool, am not going to date that, I’d choose me instead,” she said.

Nonetheless, the two agreed that insecurities about class and financial status should not limit one from forming a relationship with people of higher stature, because deep down, they are also just humans.

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