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Olive: I Can Only Forgive My Partner For Cheating If It Happens Once

Not many partners can carry on with a relationship where one is unfaithful. A study by The Austin Institute in the US discovered that 34 percent of marriages end due to infidelity.

Speaking about whether a relationship can survive after one of the partners gets caught in an episode of cheating, The Fatboy Show host Olive Najjuma said she can only get past one affair but not habitual cheating.

According to Olive, if her partner slept out once due to unavoidable circumstances, she can tolerate him.

“I’m not making excuses to justify why some men cheat. If it was a one-off and he is willing to change and shows remorse for his actions, I would let that pass. But if he is not willing to change and I catch him over and over, I’d call it quits,” Olive said.

But still, her co-host James Onen surmised that cheating is rarely a one-time thing but one that happens if there’s a blossoming or rekindling relationship where those involved have been having the affair for some time.

Giving her thoughts, Winnie, a caller on the show believed that although the relationship may not stay the same, she would consider the time spent with her partner before ending the relationship.

“If it happened once, I would forgive him because there's no way I'm going to end a relationship that has lasted 5-10 years for a mistake committed once,” she said.


She explained that she would have to resolve the incident with her partner, ensuring that the mistake doesn't happen again so that if it does, it hits the last nail in the coffin.

Unlike the ladies, James Onen argued that he would be considerate of the other positive qualities of his partner and is certainly not one to end the relationship due to infidelity.

“I like to think of the other positive elements my partner adds to my life. I wouldn’t discount their role over unfaithfulness. Does cheating on me mean she ceases to be an interesting person does she stop being a good friend or a good cook, or good in bed? No. All these can remain despite her cheating,” he proclaimed.

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