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Olive: I Believe Its Safe To Be Friends With Your Ex If Both People Have moved On

Giving her views on whether it is possible to remain friends with your ex, Olive Najjuma, The Fatboy Show co-host, opined that it's safer when both parties have genuinely moved on with their lives.

She noted that staying friends with an ex when one or both of them still harbor passionate feelings for the other is challenging, thereby better to become friends when both of them are over the relationship.

“I believe there are points where two people have both moved on from the relationship, and that is when it is safe to be friends,” Olive said.

James Onen, also called Fatboy, conformed to her suggestion that in the aftermath of a breakup, some couples bear feelings of resentment and anger. He, therefore, believed exes may need a good amount of time apart before they can become friends without having their feelings involved.

But he wondered whether it was possible to be friends with their ex, given how compromising and thin the friendship can become before the two are dating and getting intimate again.

Olive undoubtedly believed it was tricky staying friends with ex-lovers. She argued that boundaries need to be set when couples break up because there’s always a reason for the decision initially.

Fatboy explained that sometimes people break up with their partners with prospects of greener pastures elsewhere, and upon realizing they were wrong, they seek friendship as a mechanism of getting back with their exes.

Olive alternatively said most people who ask to remain friends with their exes are mostly the ones who may be experiencing feelings of helplessness and anxiety.

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