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Olive: I Always Knew President Museveni Wasn’t Party To Muhoozi’s Tweets

The RX Radio presenter Olive Najjuma has attested that President Museveni was in no circumstance supportive of some of the tweets posted by his son, also, the Commander of Land Forces Lt. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Her opinion follows alleged reports indicating that President Museveni stopped top military officials and Gen Muhoozi from commenting on sensitive military information, particularly foreign policies and security on social media. He instead advised them to use the sites to comment on sports, political ideology, education and youth matters.

“Over the months, we've been talking about Muhoozi’s tweets, and my position has always been that the President is a party to them,” said Olive.

She continued, “I think it was an issue of a father just letting a son be a son, and then there came a time when he had to reign them because Muhoozi holds a very significant role in the UPDF. So when he tweets about things supposed to be private to the army, it would always make me wonder if that's what other army commanders elsewhere in the world do.”

She went on to quote President Museveni who allegedly said social media in itself is not bad but has to be used for the right purposes.

According to the message reported by Daily Monitor, the President also cautioned the commanders to preclude themselves from misbehavior and engaging in activities that tarnish the image of the military such as insobriety and promiscuity.

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