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Olive: How About The President Calls Out NEMA To Fight Environmental Degradation

On Tuesday, President Museveni in a meeting with the United Nations Resident Coordinator Susan Ngongi Namondo at State House asked UN agencies to spearhead the fight against environmental degradation that is a threat to human life and development in the event of the global climate change crisis.

"We want to restore nature but also fight environmental degradation. Help us on fish farming and wetland restoration," the President said.

Commenting on the topic on The Fatboy Show, Presenter Olive Najjuma wondered whether fighting the environmental challenge caused by human activity isn't being tasked as the responsibility of NEMA.

“I think before Musevevi calls out UN agencies for help, how about he calls out NEMA because it is actively sleeping on the job. They're supposed to ensure that our environment is protected but they come up with so many excuses time and again.”

Agreeing to this James Onen aka Fatboy, her co-host, wondered whether the move was meant to divert the agencies from the focus of torture and human rights concerns in the county.

“The international organisations have been highly critical of the President lately obviously in respect to the way the security forces are treating the citizens. So is this his attempt to shift their focus from those issues to more developmental ones?”

Olive in response said, “It could be but also international agencies have been very vocal about climate change, so probably the President is speaking to them in this regard.”

During the meeting, Namondo visited the President, seeking advice on how the UN could support the Parish Development Model under its established structures, and promising to involve other organisations such as the World Food Programme (WFP) to achieve the vision of conserving the environment as well as ending poverty.

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