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Olive: Falling In Love Makes A Person Productive

A study by Dr. Heinkven Steeneburg at Leiden University, Institute of Psychology showed that an individual’s cognitive control declines when they fall in love.

The research study sampled 43 people that had been in a relationship for six months and concluded that the early stages of a relationship reduce their productivity.

Partly agreeing with the findings, Olive Najjuma, The Fatboy Show host admitted that the brain function slows when a person falls in love because it now focuses on love rather than administering the resources differently.

“The destruction mainly happens in the first 6 months. If you are starting a business or are in school, during that period, you may lose focus and miss your goals," Olive said.

She also argued that falling in love makes a person similarly productive.

"I think being in love makes you more productive because if you were working for yourself then get a lover, you endeavor to work harder not only to let yourself down but also your loved one. So you’ll make sure to deliver the best of what you're supposed to do,” she opined.

A contributor to the show also said that a relationship can make one less productive if it is toxic because they will keep reflecting on the negative things they said, making the person even less productive.

“ If a person is positive and they love you, they support and advise you, they are so excited for you, you will be productive,” she explained.

However, James Onen, also the co-host of the show, sided with the research saying that falling in love reduces a person’s productivity.

“When you fall in love, you somehow become obsessed with the person. Usually, after six months, the honeymoon has dissipated, and it's usually at that point that the reality of the relationship gets tested. If things take a downturn, partners get unproductive. So they become less productive when it is good and when it turns bad,” Fatboy explained.

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