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Olive: Church Members Have Overly Empowered Pastors

Following the circulation of a video of a one pastor Dennis Kintu whipping his church ushers during service, Olive Najjuma, the Fatboy Show presenter said Christians give so much power to pastors.

According to Olive, churches have gone extreme in their message about Christ but are empowered by the congregation.

"Our churches have gone crazy but the people going to them have overly empowered them. Don't you read your bible to understand what the pastor was doing was wrong?" She asked.

James Onen, the Co-host of the show said that the pastor could have copied Jesus when he whipped people for selling and trading in the temple.

"But be that as it may, this man canned people for mismanaging the camera, which is their 'passport and soul'. He threatened that they would leave his church if they refused the punishment," said Olive.

A participant said churches are now losing the sense of path. People are starting churches for booming business. Innocent people are so desperate for miracles that they are willing to do anything for the 'men of God'.

"People have got so indoctrinated that they have lost their moral compass. Why would someone want to stay in that kind of church? Nothing he did was biblical. I wonder the kind of message he preaches because even the bible says they came for the incompetent and broken," he said.

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