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Olive And Fatboy: When Couples Separate, They Should Consider The Plight Of Their Children

When most couples decide to divorce/ separate, co-parenting becomes challenging and hardly will both parties be available for their child(ren).

Delving into the question of why this turns out so,The Fatboy Show Presenter Olive Najjuma opined that co-parenting for divorced and separated couples becomes hard depending on who decided to end the relationship.

She explained that, when the woman decides to end the relationship, in many cases, the man will use the children to punish their mother by refusing to offer any financial assistance to their mother or sometimes demand for unofficial custody of the children.

James Onen, commonly known as Fatboy, also gave an instance of a woman refusing to let the children see their father and thus prompting him not to offer any support which also impacts the children.

“So, this calls for maturity on the part of everyone involved. Despite whatever hurt feelings you experienced due to the actions of your baby mama/ baby daddy, your child has nothing to do with it,” said Fatboy.

He added,“If you're a baby mama and decide to separate or divorce your husband, can you at least take into account how this will affect the children so that if you must end the relationship, you do so in way that is as amicable as possible so as not to strain the relationship between your ex-partner and the children.”

Olive in addition said, although co-parenting is possible, most ex-lovers don't get over their past feelings and just like the grass suffers when elephants fight, so do the children when the parents.

“So it's important for the two people to realize that, yes, the relationship ended. Maybe she cheated on you after doing so much for her or you did so much for him and he treated you badly. Put that aside and raise the kids. The only time you should keep the children away from their mother or father is when they are a danger to the life of the kids.

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