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Olive and Daniel Comment On The Street Sex Saga In Kisoro

RX Radio Presenters Daniel Omara and Olive Najjuma have shared their thoughts on a video that went viral yesterday in which a ‘couple’ was recorded engaging in sexual acts by the roadside in Kisoro Municipality, leaving motorists and onlookers in shock.

The duo, identified as Hafashimana Paskaria, a 29-year-old bicycle rider at Travellers Hotel stage and Muhawenimana Colodine Mukamulenzi, a 24-year-old avocado vendor, are both residents living and working in Kisoro.

The two were arrested by the police yesterday on charges of engaging in acts of public nuisance, though some sources indicated that the woman is mentally disturbed.

“I am wondering why someone would not even opt to go to the bush but decide to have sex by the roadside,” Olive pondered.

Daniel attributed the sexual acts to society’s moral decadance, saying that even people who watched the video weren’t surprised or disturbed by it.

Daniel and Olive, both bothered by the captured video, wondered why people take footage of such disturbing videos, with Olive giving an example of onlookers who take photos of dreadful incidents such as wounded accident victims crying for help and later post them on social media, which Daniel perceived as one having intent to gain social media clout.

“This is what citizen journalism has come to where everyone wants to shine in the moment, even though it has helped police to capture a man who was taking advantage of a mentally disturbed woman,” he said.

Olive still marvelled about the intention of the man taking advantage of a mentally ill woman as stated, and asked if it was a problem of wooing women. However, Daniel said that women are easy to come by but establishing intimacy is complicated. Regardless, he maintained that this wasn’t justification for the act which was also unhealthy for both of them.

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