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Olive And Daniel Comment On The Rebranding Of Facebook

Today morning, The Fatboy Show presenters Olive and Daniel joined in to comment on the rebranding of Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook to Metaverse.

At the company’s Connect 2021 Conference on 28th October, the WhatsApp and Instagram CEO announced that the new ‘Metaverse’ will be an online world where users will be able to communicate, game and work virtually using virtual reality headsets.

“I think this is a smart move for Facebook to rebrand while adding new features to show the users that they are actually more involved in their lives which virtual reality is doing, given it has been used in video games and tourism.”

Olive, however, who sounded less convinced, asserted that the company’s rebrand without giving any physical attributes to its users might be a sign that it is bowing to recent public relations attacks.

“He hasn't built the metaverse itself while changing the parent company’s name. So when critics say that this is connected to the apparent criticism the company has received, this is believable. For instance, the information leaked by former employee Frances Haugens may be factual, who said that Facebook was more profit inclined as compared to protecting users.”

In addition, Olive stated that though the company has changed its name, she wasn't pleased with the way it handles hate speech in African countries. She attributed this to a warning she got from Facebook that threatened to block her account after she shared a story about a juvenile who had raped a three-year-old after he himself had been raped by his school teacher.

Daniel too said his account was blocked for three days after he had jokingly told someone that he would have to kill them if he ever revealed his anti-aging secret.

“Personally, I think Facebook is overly censored because I experienced the opposite of what the ex-employee was saying. But I think the direction Zuckerburg is taking is going to start with the gaming community since it's a multi-billion dollar industry with a massive fan base and quite vocal. I’m sure gaming will be his number one priority.”

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