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Olive: Alcohol Makes People Say What They Truly Feel

Alcohol makes people behave differently when high and sometimes makes them express themselves in what they say thereafter.

Whereas some may regard drunk words as sober thoughts, others argue that drunkards do not mean what they say when they are under its influence.

Olive Najjuma, The Fatboy Show presenter, believes drunk words are sober thoughts that people say when they get high.

“When someone is drunk, their tongue is free to say anything on their mind. So for me, I will believe anything you tell me while you are drunk,” she said.

However, her Co-host James Onen, wondered why rude words made by drunk people are believed more than positive ones for instance confessing love to someone.

In response, Olive said most times people are not believed when they say something positive when drunk because their actions differ when they sober up.

“If you treat me differently when you are sober, the minute you start confessing feelings for me or drunk dial me, I will hardly believe you. It could be the alcohol that has made you care less about the consequences of saying you love me when you don't mean it,” she argued.

Sheila, a participant on the show, said drunk people say what they have always wanted to say. She believes that if a man confessed feelings for her while he is drunk, it means they gathered confidence under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, she would believe more if they said the same when they sobered up.

However, she added that when they say something negative, she also believes that would be them revealing their hidden feelings about her.

“When someone tells you something negative while they are drunk, you know they are putting in a lot of effort to conceal it while they are sober. That shows their intentions are not true. However, when someone high says something sweet, it won’t hit home properly until they say it when they are sober,” she said.

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