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My Pre-hypertension Diagnosis Necessitated My Career Switch - Dr. Paul Kasenene

Dr. Paul Kasenene, a certified medical practitioner specializing in nutrition and healthy eating, revealed that his weight loss journey aided by natural dietary & lifestyle methods inspired his specialization in nutrition.

Before he became a nutritional expert, Dr. Kasenene worked in an HIV research facility where he said he earned well and lived a good life, and perpetually gained weight. He even felt good about the compliments on having gained weight since he had been skinny for most of his life.

But he started feeling complications including body fatigue, even though he did not have any medical conditions or symptoms of any ailment. One day, he took a jog but struggled so much that he realized he needed to see a doctor.

“I approached one doctor I worked with for a blood pressure test and my blood pressure was 139/90, which is borderline high. I was very shocked because I was only 28. My cholesterol was also high because I ate Chapatis, meat samosas, and eggs every day with milk and sugar,” he narrated.

His doctor friend advised him to improve his lifestyle or consider permanent medication. Scared, he sought help and got a prescription from Dr. Joel Fuhrman in New Jersey, who helped him retain normalcy amidst the radical process.

“He advised me not to eat cooked food for seven days. I just fed on vegetables and smoothies. I thought it would be impossible but I was determined. After seven days, I felt much better. Previously, I could struggle waking up in the morning but after a change in my feeding pattern, I started waking up at 5a.m feeling more refreshed than usual."

He went ahead to read Dr. Furhman’s book Eat To Live and within three months of proper nutrition, his wife realized he no longer had the morning allergies. A year later, he also realized that he had stopped using his inhaler as he was asthmatic.

“I had made significant changes in diet, no sugar, bread, chapati, cake, or milk. I still ate white rice and I actually realized that patients prefer that to be treated for unhealthy eating. I became so passionate about it and eventually decided to leave my job for wellness education.”

He decided to leave his job and started a wellness clinic in Bugolobi even though he admitted that convincing people about the process and adoption of nutrition and healthy feeding was hard that he almost gave up.

However, 10 years down, Dr. Kasenene became renowned as a wellness and integrative health expert very vocal on social media platforms such as Twitter. He has helped many of his clients reverse chronic diseases, lose weight and restore their health through healthy eating.

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