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“My family and I were shocked to See that I was on Tv”- Sarah Kaire

Ugandan Movie Actress Sarah Kaire has revealed that she and her family were shocked to see her appear in a televised movie having known her as a shy person.

The actress was responding to a question posed by Fatboy on RX Radio’s Fatboy show during the Filmscope segment where she noted that although she had had a passion for acting since childhood, she was only able to start her dream career in 2018 after completing higher studies as obligated by her family to whom acting came as a surprise.

“Very many people didn't believe I was showing on Tv because of my shy personality and neither did I, can you imagine!” she chuckled. But the first time I acted, it made me more convinced that this is what I actually wanted and since then I've never looked back,” she added.

She further extended her gratitude to Multichoice and the several platforms that are dedicated to particularly promoting Ugandan movie content.

“It's such a good opportunity that various television stations are willing to air Ugandan content since this gives a chance for all talents to be showcased. I'm also very glad that Ugandans are starting to appreciate and embrace our own content because this is an indication that the industry is growing.”

Filmscope Ug with DSTv Uganda is a feature dedicated to celebrating Uganda’s Film and Television industry and airs on weekdays at 8.30am on RX Radio.

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