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My Child Inspired My Business Idea And Its Success- Anila Jewelery

Anitsha Mirembe, founder of Anila Jewelery has narrated that her baby girl Anila inspired the business idea of selling Jewelery.

Having gotten pregnant at 23, Anitsha says she was pursuing her bachelors and postgraduate degrees at the same time. All was well until her relationship with her baby daddy was no more due to tough differences.

“It was so scary, I was like, what am I doing? Being a muslim, my baby daddy was a christian The whole thing was just a mess and I am happy that I got out of it because it was a bad situation,” said Anitsha.

While appearing on RX Radio’s The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman, She was asked what she meant when she said she had got out of the situation. Anitsha excitedly revealed that she was now engaged to a handsome man of her dreams and religion.

“I am not with my baby daddy, I have a new lovely man who loves and takes care of me.While you're young, that stage is fun but you need to be careful because then you don't think of the fact that you'll move on but for your child, you have already dictated that that's going to be their father and you’ve not looked at their behavior for long to know if it's what you want from a partner.”

Further Anitsha confessed that her baby daddy is a lovely person but sadly he joined bad peer groups that introduced him to drugs, something that definitely could not keep them together.

“It was so bad but I moved on and it also helped me, I was like I am in this alone. I have to fend for this child. She has to get the best education like I had to do this alone since I was 23. Right now I am 30 years old. So I have to say it's been a journey but I had a good support system from my family and his too,” she recounted.

However, she noted that she was grateful for everything that happened saying that it opened her mind, made her hardworking and brave, enabling her to make a fortune at a young age.

“Honestly, I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't have Anila, everything I do is because I have Anila and now a husband who's a go-getter and even a better parent than me,” Anitsha said happily.

She narrated that after giving birth to Anila, she got 600,000 shillings capital from her mum whom she assured that she would make 5 times the amount which she shockingly and surprisingly made together with an extra 200,000 shillings.

Anitsha says that doing the business she is passionate about has helped her make a fortune in addition to research that helped her get quality products.

Six months after giving birth to Anila, Anitsha recalled that her free spirit drove her into the media, television and radio presenting, where her business moved together with her. After shows, she would do something extra to show to her guests, beautiful earrings, necklaces and the like.

However she says that she left media later after getting more devoted to her religion, among other job related issues hence deciding to entirely concentrate on her Jewellery business that has so far lasted 7 years.

Anitsha now has a Jewellery store at Mabirizi Comlex Level 2 Shop 21, that she expanded to include clothes which she sells both physically at her shop and also online. She attributes the magic work in her business to passion and good customer service.

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