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More Ugandans Are Embracing Child Adoption - Childable Founder

“Child adoption is not a shameful or expensive act as some people perceive it.” These were the words of Maureen Orogot Aido, Founder of Childable as she was interviewed on The Groove Cafe on RX Radio.

According to Aido, a good number of Ugandans are embracing child adoption, especially because of the support they receive from the nursing homes throughout the process of living and raising the child.

“Child adoption is easy and not as expensive as people think. The adopting family is supported throughout the process of adoption and in Uganda we’ve had more than 80% of parents coming out to adopt children.”

“Majority of the adopting parents have walked through a number of training sessions and through the training they are supported to be free and open about adoption because it's not a bad thing to adopt but it’s instead a blessing. So it's the preparation and sensitization of people and parents that gets them to understand that adoption is good,” she explained .

Having been inspired by her parent’s charitable actions of adopting and raising children as their own, Aido said that this ignited a passion in her to love and foster children.

“I wanted to see a smile on a child’s face and let them have a hopeful future. One of the most impressive moments for me is getting a child into a family and seeing them live happily with their parents in their homes,” she said.

As part of her New Year’s resolutions, Aido revealed that her organisation Childable is envisioning the inclusion of children with disabilities into the care program and advocating for the equal rights of these children just like their counterparts through collective and continuous sensitization of all children equally.

With 10 years of experience, Maureen Orogot Aido is passionate about child protection with a focus on children’s rights, adoption , resettlement, counseling, project planning and management experience in both humanitarian and development contexts.

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