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Modeling Was Part Of My Childhood Dream - Aisha Nalubega

Plus-size model, Actress and Artist Aisha Nalubega, has revealed that her passion for modeling since childhood compelled her to join the Industry as an adult, despite her being weight.

Having grown up in Kawempe, Nalubega had her lower Education in the region, and went Ndejje University for higher studies. At the University, she pursued a Bachelors in Business Administration and Human Resource Management.

Seven years later, Nalubega joined the International School of Modeling and studied for a year, before getting signed as a plus-size model by Dynasty Production.

“The industry was quite challenging from the start because most designers wanted skinny models as the norm was. I struggled to lose weight through extreme workouts and had given up eating some of the things I enjoyed. But because it was part of my childhood dream and something I was keeping my eyes on, I had to get the prize.” said Nalubega

Crystal, the host of the show, while acknowledging the change in trends for modeling asked Nalubega about how the modeling industry reception has been like for a plus-size model like her.

“Though the industry was really tricky, my beauty and the unique feature about me being my dark skin colour made me stand out. So I was being taken on for my complexion and though some scolded me for my weight, I had a high self-esteem. I was confident that I was beautiful, black and a model.” she elaborated

She added that “Designers started adjusting to hiring plus-size models after a beauty pageant for plus-size models came up .This she said acted as an eye opener for designers to give plus-size women jobs. Since then, everything has been good.”

Aisha Nalubega is also an artist that makes flower vases and bottles, a venture she started during the lockdown that she has appreciated as a sustainable source of income especially in the the time when they were unable to do modeling projects.

She is also a two-month old actress and is going to feature in the series,’Unruffled’ which she urged listeners to to watch out for.

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