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Maritza Is Worth 1 million Of Kameeza Money - Don Wasake

In the last couple of days, there was a social media outburst over the amount of kameeza money wives need to run the home daily.

Kameeza money is the daily upkeep husbands leave for their wives before going to work.

The debate sparked by NXT radio presenter Martha Byoga a.k.a Maritza Mama KLA got keyboard warriors throwing tantrums and petty insults at her for emphasizing that it should be 1 million shillings (300 dollars).

Commenting on her opinion, Hear Me Out Show guest host Donald aka Don Wasake said Maritza was merely attaching a price to her worth. He thought that because her attackers went after her looks, it was a matter of physical rejuvenation before getting noticed as one worth the money.

“Were her demands understandable? Are they worth it? I awkwardly think they are. She is worth it because that is what she claims her price to be. She needs some alchemy because people think she is bronze, tin, and not diamond or gold to command that value. So all she has to do is become a phoenix, and she can,” he said.

On Twitter, many of Maritza's critics trolled her beauty, face, teeth, and eyesight. Don Wasake opined that if she matched the physiques of Anita Fabiola, Zari Hassan, as affluent as Jennifer Musisi or Allen Kagina, perhaps, she could become worth a million shillings daily.

Aside from public opinions, he remarked that individuals have different standards when it comes to whom they think is worth 1 million shillings.

Daniel Omara, the host of the show, emphasized that although one must have incredible looks to demand such amounts of money, it was distasteful how Maritza's critics trolled her appearance.

To daniel, most men got provoked by the amount because it was either unaffordable to them or they felt that Maritza isn't worth it.

He also admitted, “that's a lot of money. I believe everyone has their price, but as a giver of the Kameeza money, I can say no as well. It is like setting your market price, and consumers either buy or decline.”

He further remarked, “ I am afraid there is a degree of delusion to this because that is a very high amount to demand generally and in this economy. People are sniffing the fuel to get the energy to walk to work because it's cheaper than filling up a car! So my question is, does she at least have 5 people in that position actively pursuing her? Because by the time you say something like this, your prospects have to be real.”

The two presenters agreed that Maritza's intelligence is another factor many men would be willing to vouch for and pay the 1 million kameeza money. However, they also considered that not many men would be vying for intelligence alone.

Daniel said, “she is a good-looking person and not by any measure as ugly as people are drawing her to be in the pictures. It's just people saying that if they are to give you (Maritza)1 million shillings, how much will it be to a better-looking person. Because if she believes she’s worth that much, imagine what any female who believes is better looking than her is worth.”

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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