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Mao’s Spirit Was Bought Long Before His Body Joined NRM: Hon. Lutamaguzi ssemakula

News of the historic agreement made between Democratic Party (DP) President Nobert Mao and President Museveni on Wednesday caught many by surprise including members of his party (DP).

The outspoken DP leader and three-time presidential candidate were critical of the NRM regime till the 2021 elections when he rose against fellow members of the opposition especially NUP, in a battle of words that he set towards them on Twitter.

This convinced some Ugandans that the DP leader was inclined toward the ruling government and many were left to speculate until yesterday when he took a role as the appointed Minister for Justice and Constitutional affairs.

Nobert Mao’s appointment came barely 24 hours after he signed an agreement at State House in Entebbe with President Museveni.

In a phone interview with James Onen on The Fatboy Show, Hon Paul Lutamaguzi, the Nakaseke South MP and member of DP said he was not surprised by Mao’s move to serve in the NRM government.

“Chairman Hon. Nobert Mao’s decision did not surprise me because he has been trying to show the public that he is of the opposition when his body language (political activities) showed that otherwise. The spirit had already crossed, it's only the body and the official announcement that has been made clear,” Hon. Luttamaguzi said.

However, Hon Lutamaguzi noted that even as a DP member, he didn’t feel betrayed by the decision of his party leader, but was surprised that a person of such stature compromised their integrity when he gained fairly from his political career.

“If It was an amateur in politics, I’d think it's money that has seduced him but being a veteran in politics, an LCV chairperson, and Member of Parliament for two terms with the experience in Uganda’s politics, I'm not surprised at his decision and I know there are many yet to come,” he said.

Like NUP’s spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi, Hon Lutamaguzi said Mao and Museveni have been like a cohabiting couple that makes a sacrament of matrimony, publicly declaring that they are getting married after a long time of cohabiting secretly.

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