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Malengo Foundation founder: I helped a friend pay school fees when I was 12 years

Disability rights and inclusion activist Michelle Omamteker, who is also the Founder of Malengo Foundation, has advised Ugandans to always be willing to offer a helping hand to people that are less fortunate in order to make a better place for everyone.

In a chat with Crystal Newman during The Groove with Crystal on RX Radio, Omamteker, who is also a writer, said that she was only 12 years when she realised that she loved to help other people without expecting anything in return.

"A friend of mine had problems getting school fees and I used money that I used to get as pocket money from relatives and my parents' friends to help him clear his school fees. I did not even find the need to tell my parents or anyone else about it. Later, the friend came back looking for me and brought me gifts, he told my mother and she was very happy," Omamteker said.

She added: "There is something everyone can do to help another person in need; it can be monetary, advice or even just offering friendship."

Omamteker recently published a book titled Ara that talks about a life of a special needs child. Omamteker noted that Ugandans needed to look at special needs people as normal people that have the same needs and rights like everyone else.

"There is nothing special about special needs people. Their needs are the same as ours. It's how they get to the needs that make it special. That is why we need to support them fully to achieve their full abilities," she added.

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