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Life Outside Parliament Has Turned Out To Be The Best - Rose Mary Seninde

Having spent 20 years in public service, anyone could anticipate that spending a term out of parliament would be such a devastating period. But the former Wakiso District Woman MP, Mrs. Rose Mary Seninde, claimed that life outside public service is the best.

She professed so during the Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman, noting that her desire to serve the community inspired her participation in politics rather than the need for a job.

“The time I spent in parliament was a time of serving my people. I had committed almost 80 percent of my salary to serve my people. As an MP, people with sick children, others without school fees and rent would all come to me for help,” she said.

Mrs. Seninde explained that the urge to please and make right with people was exhausting. Now, with time outside parliament, she can focus and accord more time to herself and her needs.

“Now that am not an MP, people don’t come to me for help like they did previously. That alone has given me some space. I am now pursuing my Ph.D. I have time to attend my studies, but as an MP, it was so difficult because you’re always busy, either in the Ministry or in the field attending functions. I can now plan and follow my program. It has given me a break,” she posited.

From her childhood, Mrs. Seninde revealed that she occupied several prefectorial positions because she had a zeal for being exemplary and always wanted to be a source of inspiration to other students.

“I always wanted to be exemplary to others, and because of that, I tried to have a special professed character, and I always made sure that I become an admirable person keeping away from undisciplined actions,” she said.

She said this character nurtured her into the leader she became when she joined national politics, and it kept her in good books with her people for 20 years.

Mrs. Rosemary Seninde is a veteran politician and educator. On 6, June 2016, she was appointed as the State Minister for Primary Education, a position she held till 2021.

She had consistently served as the Wakiso District Woman MP since 2001 on the NRM ticket. But she was ousted by NUP’s Naluyima Betty Ethel in the 2021 elections.

As a politician and primary school educator, she was celebrated for her role in promoting primary education, something that earned her a position on the cabinet as the State Minister of Primary Education.

During her time in parliament, she promoted youth economic empowerment through programs such as Emyooga, Parish Development Model, Youth Livelihood Program, and Operation Wealth creation as well as skilling them in different vocational skills.

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