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Life In A Single Lane Was Inspired By My Experiences -Anita Komukama

The author of Life In A Single Lane, a book about experiencing the positive side of being single, has revealed that it is based on her personal experiences of living a single life.

Appearing for the Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman, Kamukama said many people are pressured into finding marriage partners and sometimes get into toxic relationships that affect their mental health just disclosing that she was also a victim.

“It came to a point in my life when the question was: when are you getting married? Every year you are getting older but no ring or children. I also had pressure on myself, and it got so bad that I got into relationships that maybe I shouldn’t have and ended up depressed. I eventually emerged out stronger and decided to inspire other people,” she narrated.

Kamukama explained that there is time for everybody to get into a long-term relationship without rushing into one.

“After clearing myself from all of that, I realized single people have a lot of things to do. You can wake up in your pajamas, do whatever you want at whatever time, unlike when you are married," she said.

She believes that once someone discovers who they are and what they want while single, it becomes easier for them when they get into marriage.

She said women sometimes pressure themselves into getting married because, from a younger age, they are taught to be wives and mothers beside the biological clock. When they become of age and marriage delays, society starts to question where she went wrong.

Kamukama explains that unlike what girls are taught, marriage and relationships become a different reality as she indicates in her book Life In The Single Lane.

The book is dedicated to single people searching for hope amidst the struggles and challenges that life throws at them.

Besides being an author, Anita Komukama has several years of experience in public health and nutrition, as well as maternal, newborn, and child health. She holds a Master of Science in nutrition and rural development from Gent University, Belgium, and a Bachelor of Science in food processing technology from Kyambogo University, Uganda.

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