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Lesham: The Feminist Movement Has Helped Men More Than They Would Like To Admit

On Friday’s Fatboy Show, Fatboy intended to explore the subject of why men seem to have lost sexual excitement today and are putting in less effort in acquiring sex compared to years ago.

Back in the day, Fatboy said that men needed to invest so much money and time to conquer a woman, unlike in the present where they seem to have given up on the chase. He then went on to ask his Co-presenter Lesham Kenogo why this could be.

In response she said, “I think that whereas many people want to bash feminists, they have helped guys more than they want to admit because women are now more open-minded and honest about their past sexual relations and what they want.”

She continued, “Men no longer have to invest as much money, time and effort because women are more aware and clear about what they need in a relationship. All this is thanks to feminism for bringing out women from their sexual closet.”

For decades, feminists have asserted that women have the same sexual desires and should have the same sexual freedoms as everyone else in society. Referred to as pro-sex feminism, this focuses on the idea that that sexual freedom is an essential component of women's freedom.

Fatboy in his view thought that the extreme abundance of sex and it’s saturation is making it easier for men to get sex easily without the need to invest too much.

“If a guy tries to get intimate with you and you play those games, he will walk away because there's going to be someone else in line ready to provide it,” he said.

However, he wondered whether this wasn’t creating a sense of passivity since initially men were cognized as hunters doing whatever it took to pursue a woman unlike now where upon any delay to receive intimacy, they swiftly move on.

“With this new movement, women are candid about what they want out of a relationship without wasting anyone’s time,” Kenogo remarked.

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