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Lesham: Prioritize The People You Care About

Lesham, The Fatboy Show Presenter on RX Radio today advised listeners to check in on their real friends so they don’t forget important dates and events of those they care about.

Lesham and Daniel while hosting the morning show, were talking about friendships and how social media and adulthood have redefined its concept.

According to scientific research Lesham came across, it was found that the maximum number of friendships a person can properly connect and relate with are about 100-150 in a lifetime .

She then asked Daniel about his thoughts on how social media platforms like Facebook have enabled users to have up to 5000 friends and followers, as well as the fact that 90% of people are no longer friends with people they considered their best friends.

In response, Daniel said that Facebook lies to people by naming other users ‘friends’ yet they are often not because rarely can one have an honest conversation with them.

During his childhood, Daniel revealed how he had a best friend but over the years they have drifted apart- something he recognized with many other friends and attributed it to nature and growing up.

“I am the type of person who considers my close friends as only people I’ve known for 10 or more years. These are people I've known for all my life and are now like siblings to me, so there are different levels to this friendship thing.”

Lesham narrated how she misses her childhood best friend from primary school that she tried to look for but failed to find.“I had a best friend from primary school and I still miss her. I remember both her names and tried to find her on social media but I am concerned that she might have died or something because she had extreme eye problems. But she was really nice and awesome which makes me feel bad sometimes that though life moves on for some, for another it may not.”

However, she reasoned that since adulthood memories happen so fast, people don't get too attached as when they are younger, idle and more open to receiving and absorbing situations around them.

“At this point I’ve made a list to check up on certain people because with everything going on, it's so hard to keep up with them yet relationships need time. For instance, I have now missed a friend’s birthday for the second year consecutively and I feel so guilty. That’s why I need to make this list and prioritize the people who I care about,” she said.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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