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Lesham: People Are Having Surgery To Become Taller!

The Fatboy Show presenter Lesham, was surprised by the current trend of leg lengthening, a surgical procedure that is done to increase people’s heights, especially men, in developed countries.

The procedure involves drilling holes into the two leg bones that are then broken into two. A metal rod is then inserted, and gradually lengthened by a millimeter per day till the patient's desired height. The rod is fitted and held still in the bones by the use of screws.

Reports from the BBC indicate that though the procedure is long, expensive and painful, it has greatly ignited in the US, Germany and South Korea where it is done on average 100-200 times a year. In the UK, private medical centers charge upto £50,000 ( Ugx 245 million) whereas in the US, prices range from $75,000 -$280,000 ( UGx 267 million - UGx 996 million).

According to Daniel, women are always drawn to taller men because of the sense of security they tend to provide unlike shorter men.

“From a guy’s perspective, men’s shortness challenges the female sense of security because she obviously can't hide behind a short man when a thief breaks into the house, and I think security is a major factor for women when picking a guy. That is why most are hinged to the tall, black and handsome aspect of men,” Daniel argued.

“Even though I am 5'10, in my family I am still the shortest male. But atleast I fall into the dark, tall category. The handsome is debatable for some haters, but I'm fine with it,” he joked.

However, Lesham, who was concerned about her height being 5’6 and most likely to be the shortest person in her family, said that her 13-year-old brother is already 5’10 while her youngest brother of two years would poke his mother’s heart because of how lengthy his legs were inside the womb.

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