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Lesham: If I Caught My Man With A Maid In Our Bed, I’d Burn Them Down

As The Fatboy Show Presenters James Onen aka Fatboy and Lesham Kenogo talked about the trying circumstances in marriages, Lesham revealed that if she caught her man cheating on her with their maid, her reaction would be to light them up.

She mentioned this after Fatboy argued that African men have low standards of the women they marry which puts wives at the risk of sharing their husbands with other women of lesser calibre; unlike if men had sophisticated tastes, then they would cheat with women of equal or higher standards than their wives.

“Women in Uganda should consider themselves lucky because men here are not as discriminative. You can be as thin as a rake or as fat as an elephant and there will be a dude somewhere out there who'll want you,” said Fatboy.

He continued that this is different for African women who want to settle with a man who has lived abroad, attained higher education from there and even worked in a number of prestigious international organizations because they see him as a perfect suitor.

“On getting married, an African man’s character is unveiled and his demands for an African woman's instincts are exposed; such as expecting her to prepare his meals, kneeling when serving him and the worst of all- sleeping around with maids, waitresses or people from the village,” Fatboy commented.

This prompted him to ask Lesham what she would do if she caught her spouse cheating on her with the househelp, especially if she had been looking down on her only to later find out that they share the same man.

“First of all, if it's my bed, they're both burning in it!” she answered. “This was actually a scenario that happened to my friend. She was very gorgeous with a great body. She was taking care of herself, working out and keeping in shape. But she had to stop hiring maids because she just couldn't stop her husband from jumping onto them.”

The Presenter added, “She tried everything, but failed. She got so hurt that she decided to checkmate the situation. When her husband hired a good looking watchman, she cheated with him so instead of lamenting, she moved on. Now, their marriage has survived because they just keep cheating on each other.”

Fatboy, unamused by Lesham’s story, said it was sad that the couple were living their lives like this adding that the they should have divorced back before reaching these extremes.

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