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Lesham: I’ve Never Been Heartbroken

Fatboy Show Presenter Lesham has revealed that she has never experienced a heartbreak before despite her efforts to fake one.

She made the revelation during the Fatboy show where she and her Co-host Fatboy discussed a subject concerning women, who tend to sabotage good relationships with an intention to discover if they are real.

Lesham then narrated that she once tried to sabotage her first official relationship, with an intent to know how it felt to be heartbroken.

“Basically, I was on my period and I just decided not to talk to him for two days straight. I refused to respond to his texts and calls because in my mind I was already planning a break up. Being my first official relationship, I had heard of people getting heartbroken and depressed, plus a number of good songs on heartbreaks. So I wanted to try and feel this raw emotion because trust me, I’ve tried to fake one but it has never worked.”

Fatboy more so added that sometimes women try to sabotage good relationships when they find interest in other guys and start looking for an exit that won't make them feel guilty about their actions.

“Women won't come forward to say they want to break up, so they’ll cause an argument with their boyfriend and push him to the edge till he says some hurtful stuff to them which she will use as a justification for quitting the relationship,” said Fatboy.

However, Lesham said that this kind of sabotage doesn’t work on her boyfriend assuring that he does not react to her sabotage but will rather let her have her time and get back to him when she has calmed down.

Fatboy praised Lesham’s boyfriend as one of the few men that do not react to sabotage and said he ably gives in to it, since he values his peace of mind very much..

“I tend to easily succumb to sabotage and if I had a girlfriend who created baseless arguments, I would just concede defeat and let her go. And when she goes crying to her friends about my little efforts in keeping her, it wouldn’t be that I didn’t love her but rather that I valued my peace more, ” Fatboy elaborated.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy and Lesham Kenogo every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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