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Lesham: I’m The One Who Asked My Boyfriend Out

High-spirited, jolly and eccentric, many are often curious to know more about Lesham’s significant other; and how they cope with her wild, peculiar character.

Today morning on The Fatboy Show, her other half Joel, aka ‘Mr. Lesham,’ appeared on RX Radio to unravel the mystery in an interview with the show’s Presenter, Fatboy.

Cutting to the chase, Fatboy first off asked the two how they met. Lesham then responded by narrating a story about how two years back, she decided to make the first move out of curiosity to understand the feeling of being in a relationship.

“It was definitely unbelievable because I asked Joel to be my boyfriend on my way to the airport. It was hilarious because everyone was talking about boyfriends and I had never had one. So I became curious and thought I could use one. I met him and we started talking. I asked if he could be my boyfriend and he said yes,” she recounted.

As an experiment, Lesham also said that she was anxious about how the two would break up because she wanted to understand how a heartbreak felt. She then started doing everything possible to sabotage the relationship.

“The relationship was totally unintentional and we didn't expect to stand each other for two years. I had told my friends that I had a boyfriend and was very excited to tell them how the relationship was going to end. So I kept on trying all the things people would do to break up, i tried all the moves but it didn't work and we are still here,” she giggled as she said.

Fatboy went ahead to ask Joel why he would choose to date Lesham considering that she seems to be such a handful.

He answered, “Actually, I have to schedule time so I can listen to her talk, then schedule time for me separately. But the secret here is I didn't try to tie her down in the first place, because that in itself it's not possible,” he answered.

Talking about how they have managed to deal with the different ups and downs in their relationship, Joel calmly said, “I think we laid the foundation for this at the beginning. We untied each other when we realized that emotions were all over the place. So we broke it down and reached a common ground that if we run into an issue, there’s a particular way we handle it.”

Regarding how ‘cool’ he sounded, Fatboy voiced how he imagined Joel as one not to dwell on creating a scene for minor issues, while saying Lesham gives off the impression as one who loves confrontation.

However, Lesham said that as much as she is confrontational, she doesn't pester her boyfriend intentionally and is open to conversation when she notices that she might have pissed him off.

Commenting on what he loves most about his girlfriend, Joel said, “The thing I love and hate about her is how stubborn she is. That's something we have in common though, it's like an unstoppable force versus an immovable object. That's pretty much our relationship.”

Joel admitted to being in love surprisingly, yet the relationship was very unintentional at the beginning. Lesham also admitted that she would cry if they ever broke up. “Tears are normal. For two years, he's now become a part of my routine and it would take a whole lot of restructuring to figure out my life again,” she confessed.

Amazed at how the two are open about their relationship, Fatboy asked how this makes the two feel considering how most Ugandans like to be secretive about their relationships.

Lesham responded by saying that she and Joel gave themselves a year of private dating until they felt they had understood each other well enough to publicly declare themselves an item.

“The first year we dated, I insisted on keeping it private because I didn't know him and was drunk when I asked him to be my boyfriend. I just had to sober up (laughs) to confirm that I felt the way I did before. So the full first year we didn’t tell friends nor family so that foundation helped us to get to each other’s core and after we felt ready, we told everyone. Now we are fine being an open book,” she said.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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