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Lesham: Body Insecurity Affects Relationships

It is no secret that social media can impact one negatively, especially in the way one views oneself-image.

Oftentimes, platforms like Facebook/Meta, Instagram and TikTok have been criticized for increasing the insecurities among women, mostly around issues ranging from their life achievements to physical appearances.

This was the topic of discussion on The Fatboy Show between RX Radio Presenters Lesham Kenogo and Fatboy today morning.

Lesham revealed that people insecure about their body image are solely responsible for changing their mindsets. According to her, how most women feel about their physical appearance can affect the relationships they have, either negatively or positively.

“When a woman feels attractive, she will think her partner thinks the same thing about her and she will be happy in the relationship. But if she feels unattractive, she will think her partner sees the same and the relationship will suffer” she said.

Inquisitive about this, Fatboy then asked Lesham whether a man constantly re-assuring his partner can help change the perception of how a woman feels about herself.

In response, she said, “A woman being reassured isn't what makes her view her body positively, because even supermodels are often praised for having the best bodies but continue to be the most insecure. It's really about the person taking initiative to work on themselves and making constant self-affirmations,” she said.

Lesham went on to add that partners who are insecure about their bodies can increase their chances of failing at relationships because they will in turn make their male partners feel helpless in the situation, no matter their efforts to change it.

“You can both drown in the relationship because she’s going to make you feel bad as well. She could start picking up fights in small situations and making you feel irritated and depressed.”

However, she was surprised that men feel the opposite way about how they look and rarely give attention to their physical outlook.

“A man’s satisfaction in a relationship is based on how hot he thinks his woman is and not how he looks. A guy could have a huge pot belly but won't care because as long as his spouse is attractive to him, he is happy!”

Nonetheless, Fatboy mentioned that even though men are not as insecure about their bodies like women, they too have insecurities regarding their finances and how good they are in bed. He further suggested the use of filters for women who don’t feel as beautiful.

Also, Lesham encouraged insecure women to learn to love themselves and to be happy when their man finds them attractive.”

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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