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It's Healthy To Try Out different Things In Life - Sam Kimera, Gospel Artist And Actor

Actor, gospel song artist, and writer Sam Kimera has defended his versatility in regards to engagement in different sects of the entertainment industry.

“This year am just trying stuff and am enjoying the phase because life is too short. Try stuff to avoid regrets in the future, wishing that you could have done something. So try stuff, especially those in line with your field,” he said.

The singer gave the piece of advice during the Groove Cafe segment on RX radio with Crystal Newman on RX Radio.

He explained that people have different gifts and abilities that they can maximize to realize their full potential.

“I always wanted to act but I had never got the opportunity. So this year, I was ready to join the film school. Luckily someone called and offered me a gig for a show that was going to be filmed around the theme of mental health. In the end, I got classes and I was able to act on stage,” he explained.

Kimera further advised people to engage in the sports or hobbies they have always wanted to do whether during a week, month or year. He referred to himself picking interest in different spheres over the last couple of years, trying to gauge his efficiency in them.

Part of that was acting in the Merchant of Venice, a play by Amelia Mbotto Kyaka and Angaza Kisaka. He also described himself as one who uses his personal experiences for the stories that make up his songs.

“Music sometimes reflects our culture. My first intention in my music was to make people laugh because life is already too serious. But after, the message in there communicates to deeper issues such as debtors paying their creditors and marriage in today’s society,” Kimera said.

He referred to his two songs, “I Want My Money’ which communicates to debtors to pay those owing them money, and “Someday” which relates to the practicality of marriage today, among many others.

Kimera has released his new album dubbed Minds which is the first Extended Play (EP) and Hearts will be the second in a few months to come. He also hosts a podcast that has conversations addressing concepts such as marriage and other different issues affecting society and mindsets.

The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman airs every Weekday from 4-5 pm on RX Radio.

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