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In The Wake Of Feminism, Men Need To Learn How To Vet Women - Boy Child Activist.

Nicholas Asingwire, a boy child rights activist, has encouraged men not to rush into marrying women until they are ready for a long term relationship.

He made the statements during The Brunch Talk Show hosted by Olive Najjuma while commenting on the Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard Trial in Fairfax Virginia in which the latter sued the former for defamation in an op-ed she wrote in the Washington Post in 2018.

The activist, in reference to Depp’s testimonies of domestic abuse said that this indicated that the lack of information about women and relationships that boys face while growing up and the fence of feminism around girls has put men in peril for manipulation and emotional abuse.

“Most men don't understand women, they learn things about relationships from what their fathers tell them, sometimes through watching movies or what they learnt from church. So they get the basics but upon entering a relationship, they realise the experience is completely different,” Asingwire said.

“I think for men to enter into a long term relationship, you have to take time and learn how to vet women because most men start dating and having sex at around 27 because from a young age, men are being told that to get women, you should have some bit of sucess. At that time, a man is meeting a girl who has already had experience with six or ten men. She is already ahead of you in terms of dating and it will be very easy for her to manipulate you,” he emphasized.

He further said that because of societal pressure, he will find himself pressured by the woman for marriage which will merely be a haven to her as she continues to pursue what she wants for herself thus men need to get experience of their own by dating at least 30 women before they decide to settle.

He further said that the feminist movement has made women acquire alot of favour in the education sector. This has in the long run generated an economic imbalance and produced independent women who think that “what a man can do, they can do”.

However, according to him, such a woman with a type A personality loses the feminine side of her and her interest and respect for men will be minor because she will be an aspiration driven and independent woman.

He therefore encouraged that men too should be empowered more about their rights and learn to walk away when they are getting abused in relationships.

“Women are getting a lot of advantages and we are leaving out boys. So our biggest focus right now should be on information. Because if we have gender studies all in the favour of women, we shall still have these problems. So men need empowerment, organisations coming up to help train men in their issues so that they may learn to live and adapt with the current situation,”he said.

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