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If You Can’t Practise Professional Journalism, Opt Out - Former NBS TV Journalist, Joseph Sabiti

Former NBS TV news reporter and host of the popular Frontline show at the same station Joseph Sabiti has asked non-professional journalists to switch from their journalism careers if they have failed to stick to the basics of the profession.

“When you're a journalist, you should serve people and tell the truth. It is either that or not,” said Sabiti when appearing in an interview with Crystal Newman on the Groove Show Monday evening at RX Radio.

The now Principle Press secretary to the Speaker of Parliament was making the plea about the unprofessional trend of journalism growing in the industry.

During his time as a senior political reporter at NBS TV, Sabiti was known as a radical journalist. He prides himself in having carried his journalistic values with him til he joined parliament.

“I was quite radical because I believed in right and wrong. It didn't matter who you were or what you could do to me. I always tell journalists that if you can’t do your job well, opt out. As a journalist, I wanted to stand for the truth. I always resisted pressures and enticements to do what's right and I did my part well until I left.”

Sabiti was responding to the comment made by Crystal about the spiraling compromised journalism.

“It's disappointing to see colleagues do a bad job. During my time as a journalist, we believed in taking on power with information, research, verification, and facts. We could use these to challenge public officials. Currently, they're a lot of journalists for hire. If you have money they write whatever you want them to,” he complained.

That aside, he noted that his new terrain of work in parliament has been both exciting and challenging.

“From asking hard-hitting questions to receiving and answering them. I can’t blame the journalists because they have to ask us uncomfortable questions. It's a new experience that is very challenging. But it's something I was looking for, for a very long time.” Sabiti stated.

As a professional journalist, he notes that having to serve on both ends has been quite an experience. Handling bad press and factual information to be proven right by the media.

Sabiti is a former news reporter with NBS television and formerly hosted the Frontline, a popular political show at the station.

In September 2019, Sabiti resigned from NBS and joined Kansanga-based NGO, Action Aid International as a Communications Officer.

Sabiti shortly returned to NBS TV as the station launched the 2021 polls reporting project on June 23, 2020. On August 4, 2021, he was appointed the Parliamentary Press secretary by the then Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon. Among Anita.

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