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I Want To Spread Awareness Through My Music- Matty Whitty

Singer, music facilitator and advocate, Matilda Withney aka Matty Whitty while appearing on RX Radio’s the Groove Cafe with guest host Sarah, said that she didn't want to just sing about love, but rather for her music to impact lives and change mindsets.

The daughter of legendary singer Joanita Kawalya narrated that as a person with special needs, she had been bullied in school, a stigma she wants to advocate against while encouraging those that are now facing the same.

“I was a special needs child from childhood and the experience was not that lovely because I've gone through a lot of phases in my life. I had to go for therapy sessions and also the physical therapy for my right hand side. That is where I got the motivation to promote awareness because when people see you, they think you can do anything, so they stigmatize you just like it is with HIV,” she narrated.

“So people stigmatize those with HIV, those with disabilities and it's quite hurting because look where Iam, I am a musician, a youth advocate and we can do things. There are people who are already radio presenters, media personalities and big people that are doing this. It's getting to know that we can do what other people can, just that I /we are designed differently from you,” she added.

Throughout her school life, Matty narrated that she was a lover of music and performing arts that when she joined University, she saw herself pursue and make a career from it.

“For some reason I was part of the performing arts and I was always there shining and winning trophies and certificates and I never knew it could be a career until I reached University and decided this is what I want to do because I loved to be on stage,” she noted.

“But also I was like what else can I do with my music because everyone can sing about love. So I asked myself how I could use my music as a tool to promote awareness. I sat down and wrote about what other people and I go through so I came up with ‘bwotamufeeko’, Ombeere Kumpi, Strong Love Tebamanyi and many others.”

Matty mentions that it was like an awakening for her to create music that is full of impactful content because she wanted people to understand the magnitude of HIV awareness, People With Disabilities and those that have disabilities that are non- physical because not all disabilities are visible.

Matty Witty works with Stigmaless and Jabaser organizations that advocate for HIV/ AIDS Awareness. According to her, persistence of stigmatization in communities has stayed because people aren't accepting those designed differently and the unchanged mindset of many towards PWDS.

But she noted that PWDs are the same as other people though simply designed differently which is why she said they dislike being pitied and being mis-judged for their physical attributes.

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