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I Want To Reach Out To Parents Through My Book - Elizabeth Businge, Author of Boarding Blues

Elizabeth Businge, the writer of boarding Blues: Why Boarding Primary School May Not Be Good For Your Child said she wanted to caution parents about placing their children in nursery or lower primary boarding schools.

Having gone to a boarding school at the age of 6, Ms. Businge said that children get into boarding school excited, but end up psychologically damaged because of the treatment they are subjected to.

In her book, the author stresses how some policies negatively impact child productivity such as waking them up early yet having breakfast way later. This, according to her is one of the things parents need to look out for before considering boarding primary schools for youngsters.

“I wrote the book targeting parents because they may not have had the experience growing up but your child might. Children, like adults, are different. Some children can not handle some situations while others can,” she said.

She also indicates how some boarding schools subject children to mistreatment in the guise of punishments, and the need for parents to explore school environments including the dormitories, among other places on the school premises.

“Most schools have a rule that prohibits parents from entering the dormitories. In most cases, I force my way there because I want to see what is happening. Some of those rules don’t make sense, but some school administrations don’t seem to get it,” Businge explained.

Businge decided to write a book about her experience and other people’s from boarding schools.

“When I was writing this book, I had to recall and go through that place again. The experience of my 6 -8-year-old self would sometimes make me break down. I experienced the trauma and this is my story.”

Busingye wrote her first book Boarding Blues when she enrolled in the harvest Institute. She hopes to be a movie director someday but is currently managing Sherry pharmacy.

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