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“I want to Inspire Change through Teaching Film Production”- Samuel Kizito Saviour

Filmmaker, Producer and Tutor Samuel Kizito Saviour has said that he ventured into teaching film to inspire change within the Ugandan film industry.

During an interview with James Onen in the Filmscope segment on The Fatboy show, the self-made Cinematographer and Writer revealed that he wants to share the knowledge he has generated with upcoming filmmakers to enhance development of the industry.

“Basically I teach film not to make more money but to pass on what I've learnt. I realised that a few people are producing good quality movie content over the years which has hindered the industry’s growth,” Saviour said.

“Because of this I am training upcoming film enthusiasts with what the industry needs and I am sure that in the next two to three years we shall have a difference. Besides, we can't wait for a Hollywood director to come here and teach us how to do film yet we can make the change by ourselves,” he added.

Samuel Kizito Saviour is a Production Tutor at ESOM School of Music, a filmmaking mentor and teacher at the University of Limpopo in South Africa and other film schools in Uganda.

He is also a multi-award winning Ugandan Film Director, Writer, Producer and Cinematographer who has worked on projects such as Catch Out (2021), KEMI 2020, Judas Kiss (2019), The forbidden (2108) and the Extra Time (2018).

To listen to the full segment, visit the RX Radio podcast library.

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