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I Want To Help People Transact Online - Arthur Ntozi, Writer Of Come Sell Online

It is no doubt that many businesses across the globe are thriving online, selling products and services through digital channels.

The increased globalization has boasted the accessibility of products and services online with the increasing online markets, auctions, and online retailing.

Several websites such as Shopify help business owners connect for any business transaction. Platforms such as Amazon aid businessmen connect directly to consumers.

On the Groove Show, Arthur Ntozi, an E-commerce trade expert with over 16 years of experience, said he authored the book Come Sell Online to share his experience and how it can be central to any business owner.

“I want people to understand things like; choosing the right sales channel, having the right team considerations for online businesses, setting up the online stores, attracting customers, and creating relationships with them. Receiving your first order, delivering the order, and setting expectations for your customers,” Ntozi said.

In a conversation with Crystal Newman on RX Radio, he advised online business owners to set realistic expectations for their customers such as delivery dates.

“Some clients want their items within 30 minutes while others can wait for up to a week. For instance, if you're on Amazon, there are different levels. Amazon Prime customers might get products delivered on the day of the order but when you're not and need a free delivery, the product can reach in a week,” he explained.

The book also includes tips for maintaining client traffic and how to motivate clients to purchase more products or services an online business owner provides.

Ntosi Arthur wrote the book Come Sell Online in 2020 while pursuing a leadership course at Harvest Institute. He was seeking knowledge to apply and expand his businesses.

He started his first business in 2006 in Montreal Canada, while at the University as a student of Computer Engineering.

The business called (3nity laps) dealt with the online purchase of phone airtime. He has worked with Paramount Capital, Building Majesties, Aladdin Real Estate Fund, and in 2016 he co-founded Unicorn Ventures.

Currently, he coaches at Harvest Institute School of Leadership. There, he helps leaders under the mentorship of Apostle Moses Mukisa pursue the intense leadership program.

The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman airs every Weekday from 4-5 pm on RX Radio.

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