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I Want To Be Recognized For My Own Music - Rebo Chapo

Music Artist Isaac Mark Mario alias Rebo Chapo has revealed that he won't be doing any musical collaborations because he wants to repute himself as an independent musician.

While appearing on RX Radio’s The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman, the young singer said that although he looks up to other established musicians in the industry, his sole intention is to do his own music.

“It's crazy but I'm really not looking forward to collaborations. I want people to acknowledge my own music so I can avoid situations such as ‘if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be.’ So it's one man-one mic for me. Thankfully, I have gotten support from other artists in the industry such as Chosen Blood, Spice Diana and Oman Rafiki.”

When Crystal inquired from Rebo as to whom his inspiration was derived from, he responded that as a growing artist, Burna boy influenced his choice of doing music.

“My inspiration came from Burna boy. I started singing in high school while performing in the Interact Club. I'd actually done a lot of freestyle recordings on my phone but had never hit the studio. So eventually in 2020, I went to the studio for the first time and recorded ‘Smooth Criminal’ which luckily became a hit.”

He added, “it was during that period of the total lockdown where most people were at home and bored. Since people were watching a lot of television and listening to radio, this helped many growing artists to showcase their music talent and get instant recognition.”

Rebo Chapo then encouraged Ugandans to get vaccinated such that entertainment shows can resume and avenues can reopen.

“Please get your dancing shoes ready, and also get vaccinated so we can officially be reopened to perform. Some people in the industry are losing hope thinking that things might not turn back to normal, but when you go get those jabs then we will all be able to go back to party.”

The grove cafe with Crystal Newman airs every Weekday from 4-5pm on RX Radio.

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