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I Used To Love Meat But Lost Appetite - Vegan And Vegetarian, Mrisho Nizar

Mrisho Nizar aka The Vegetable guy said that he adopted eating vegetables, after losing the appetite for meat as an adult.

The Mbarara- bred Mrisho said he gave up beef consumption after suffering serious side effects from eating half-cooked meat at 23.

“There’s a time I ate meat and it wasn’t a good experience. I didn’t know that the meat was half cooked and for 2 days, I could not sleep. I spent the nights in the other important house. It really gave me bad nights. So I had to choose between eating meat and my health,” Mrisho explained Mrisho.

He was narrating the experience to Crystal Newman during the Groove Cafe on RX Radio.

Although he admitted that it was a hard process, slowly he adopted veggies given the health implications of red meat. “I've really found being vegetarian so good and it has so far been a nice adventure,” he said.

Having studied Agriculture and crop protection at University, Mrisho’s conversion to vegetarianism was a smooth move since he was also a vegetable farmer.

“I used to plant carrots, sukuma wiki (collard greens), and cabbages at home in small buckets. My neighbors would come to inquire if I was selling some, and they would buy from me. The passion kept growing and I realized I could do business out of it,” he explained.

In no time, friends and clients started asking him to design similar gardens in their own backyards, something that he earns an income from besides selling vegetables.

Mrisho is a proud vegetarian and farmer. He is also a volunteer with the Red Cross Society which he joined with a passion for helping communities by responding to emergencies in times of crisis.

The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman airs every Weekday from 4-5 pm on RX Radio.

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