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I Started Modeling When I Was 15 - Akat Mitchell, Model Actress

Ugandan-based South Sudanese Akat Mitchell revealed that she started her modeling career when she was 15 years during high school.

“I started modeling in 2017 when I was 15. I contested in a beauty pageant and became the Miss South Sudan. I also became the 2nd runner up at Miss World South Sudan, which was a pretty opportunity and experience,” said the model during the Groove Cafe on RX Radio.

She said that during high school, she was named a ‘supermodel’ by the rest of the learners. She joined a beauty pageant in South Sudan, ready to compete with the former Miss, and eventually emerged winner of the competition.

Shortly, she started receiving calls from different agencies for modeling opportunities. Because she was still in school, the agencies waited till she completed.

As part of her signature, Akat got signed with agencies in Milan-Italy and has worked for Gucci and Louis Vuitton in Paris.

Asked about the challenges in modeling, the fashion model confessed that almost everything about modeling is hard. “Modeling requires one to keep in shape and maintain a personal style, including a signature move,” she said.

“You have to pull off those poses they want. It is not about your skin or makeup. It is about you as the model, wearing the makeup and outfit and expressing what the designer intends. You must be able to keep your body in shape and keep your skin glowing which is hard as well.”

Akat Mitchell founded Mitchell’s gloss and beauty, a beauty line with products like shea butter, scrub, and gloss. She later found that she had to expand the brand.

Akat Mitchell is the former Miss STA 2017, was the second runner-up of Miss South Sudan 2018, Miss culture, Miss world tourism 2019, and a South Sudan model of the year 2021.

She also acted in the second blood sisters movie in Nigeria and in a movie advert for pearl magic with Swangz Avenue.

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