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I Started Hosting Events During High School - Presenter and News Anchor, Akandiinda Shantal

Actress, presenter, poet, and news anchor Ms. Akandinda Chantal revealed that she hosted her first events in high school.

Ms. Akandinda was being interviewed by RX Radio’s Crystal Newman when she mentioned that her emceeing and the acting journey began in school.

“Events started in high school, emceeing - it was always Chantal even when I didn't want. Sometimes they would get me out of church on Sundays and plead with me to emcee the school events. And sometimes, when I didn't emcee, people would be like; 'why didn't they choose you?' So I started emceeing and organizing events in high school and at the campus.” she narrated.

Ms. Akandinda went on that after campus, she and her ex had an events company where she could emcee the events and express her other creative side of design at them as well.

“I am a hands-on person, so I like to see organized things, and if it's an event, I’ll almost not sleep because I want it to be good. If the bride or whoever the client is says they want their decoration a certain way, if you're a decorator, you’ll have trouble with me. Don't bring blue when they ask for green. I am too specific when it comes to things like that.”

Having had a passion for television news anchoring, Ms. Akandinda got into television presenting. She first presented on NOW TV. In 2020, she got an opportunity to train as a show host, at BTM TV an ability she partly attributes to her emceeing throughout her school life.

"I did the training during the very first intense lockdown. It was a very interesting time for me because a lot of things changed in my life. There was a major change of breaking up with my ex, and I was like starting afresh, so for me, it was everything closing and starting again from zero. Life changed a lot but for the better.” she said.

When joining TV, Akadiinda hoped to anchor news but was first limited to show hosting. It was due to claims that her voice wasn't vigorous enough. She, however, advised herself to stay in her field to pursue her dream.

“Hosting a show is not bad, and neither was doing interviews. I got to meet people and had wonderful conversations. I enjoyed it, but my passion was for the newsdesk. So I told myself, I am in this field, and anything can change anytime, and I will be on that desk, and I got on the desk,” she said jollily.

Akandinda Chantal has been anchoring the news on BTM Television for close to 2 years. She has taken part in television shows like Prestige. She also expects to engage in creative writing to fill the gap in the publications sector as well.

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